How do I look?


2ec2e8066f52ea1a33f3f91873fef17cI have my own style and I love that. I love that I am not oft to the whims of those that say what the color of the day is , other than myself. There is always that freedom of having the ability to wear what feels great to you. I do odd things like choose a color of the season and try to incorporate that as often as I can in my day to day wardrobe for that season. I love doing that because it helps me to pinpoint some very pretty colors on me and as a former Plus size woman I tended to let my wardrobe run the gambit from black to darker kinds of black.

In constant and difficult battle with my great sense of style is the fact that I do not like to spend my own money on almost anything! I love to have things but I do not like to buy things. I am an acquirer. A Phrugalista or a Phrugaleer. I love to find things that fit the bill of being a. great quality and b. at-least 50% off retail.

To that end I have searched the net for some of the best places to buy pretty things that will not break the bank.


Find a ton of variety in jewelry and accessories, if you like fun little pretty things this is one of the best sites that I have found for accessories.


You guessed it: Everything is under $10, with everyday tanks and tees priced around $4.99. It’s a great option for wardrobe basics that don’t need to be fancy.  There are some amazing things to be found there too. Shoes and boots are great but if you have a common size I would say come early , come often.


Up to 90% off , ’nuff said.








Search a super sexy and affordable collection of shoes at Two Lips, and the clearence section is a great place to stop for the deep down bargain hunter.


Especially great for more retro-inspired looks, and they have an excellent size range as well for the Plus sizes Phrugalista.



YLE Wardrobe

YLE Wardrobe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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